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Designer Mosaics For Dressing-Up Spaces


At Dressed Up Walls, we pride ourselves in creating high quality, glass and mirror mosaics that are contemporary and unique. All mosaics are made in Australia and available for purchase or commercial hire.


Our  mosaics are hand-made using a combination of glass, mirror and natural materials (pebbles, marble, shells etc.) by Rushanthi, a Brisbane based artist.

Creating a mosaic using different materials, shapes, colours, sizes etc. is a complex process that is physically and mentally challenging and time consuming. 

It is a rewarding process that cannot be fast tracked or rushed. The designs are not pre-planned. It all evolves with imagination, time and patience.


Every mosaic is created by shaping and hand cutting glass and other tesserae. Stained glass and pebble have colours, tones, textures, patterns and thicknesses that are unique. The colours and textures of these materials are combined and assimilated to add depth and tactility while the reflective properties of these materials add interesting and visually enhancing dimensions. 

Piece by piece they have to be strategically placed so that it complements and integrates well with the pieces around it and as well as with the overall artwork.  Sometimes this requires positioning and repositioning until the right relationship, angles and reflectivity is obtained. 

The final product is a one-of-a-kind, stand-alone piece that is captivating and uniquely different. 

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