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The frame creates a connection between the artwork and the décor of the space the artwork is chosen for. 

Most of our artwork is professionally framed with a shadow box frame or a frame that complements the overall mosaic.


All our mosaics are handmade and delicate requiring gentle handling and care. They are for 

indoor use only and should not be exposed or displayed in areas exposed to the elements or in high humidity areas. 


The mosaics are made from cut glass/mirror and has sharp edges. DO NOT run your hand over the art and keep out of reach of children. Sharp edges and small glass pieces/pebbles can cause injury and could be a choking hazard. Dressed Up Walls does not take any responsibility for any injuries caused.

Mosaics are heavy and requires to be securely hung.  Most of the artwork can be hung in many directions, and we have pre-installed the hooks to provide multiple hanging options. Use of any other screws or nails could damage the art. Please consult us for the best way to mount your art.


Use a soft, cloth or feather duster to gently wipe away any collected dust. Be careful of sharp glass edges when wiping. A soft cloth lightly sprayed with glass cleaner can be used occasionally. Do not spray directly on the art. Do not use harsh chemicals, water or detergents.


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