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Meet Rushanthi

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I am a mosaic artist living in Queensland, Australia.  I have been creating mosaics for over ten years. My inspiration comes mainly from Australian landscapes and nature, where I take the colours, shapes and patterns and allow them to guide me to create art that is contemporary, meaningful and timeless.

For me, each art piece is an unknown journey of discovery. It intrigues me to not know the end destination or the roads I must travel-there is no set plan or pattern. Each is assembled one piece at a time. As the ripples in shallow waters move each sand grain to create amazing patterns and designs, every piece of glass has to be tirelessly arranged and rearranged until the colours, combinations and textures synchronize with one another. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of such pieces have to come together to create a harmoniously unique one-of-a-kind work of art. Sometimes I must walk away and give myself time to think of what I want to achieve and how I can achieve it.

What drives me to enjoy this challenging, time-consuming, and tedious task is my desire and passion to create beautiful and meaningful art. It is always exciting to arrive at the destination and share with others the end result of my journey.

rushanthi colour_edited.jpg

I believe in creating art that provokes deep thought and imagination, captivating and guiding to enjoy the deeper dimensions embedded in each piece. My aim is to create a visual and tangible experience that communicates differently to each person allowing them to engage and connect to incite special meaning and interpretation by associating it to personal experiences. With this in mind, I have intentionally refrained from naming any of my mosaics.

I hope that the passion, creativity and detail that I have put into each piece will be enjoyed and experienced by all those that view my beautiful creations.

Rushanthi Herath

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